20 Things to avoid when you meet a Woman

When you meet a Woman, you need to be focused in all ways. Here are some foolish things we ask women or try to inquire about them or try to tell them, that always make our relationship not to last longer than a phone battery.

You must know the words you speak, when and where to say them.

meet a Woman

20 Things to avoid when you meet a Woman –

1. Be romantic with your words even when you wanna say anything patterning to her body either weight or hair styles.

2. Always follow her up even when you had any affairs with her especially during her fist visit.

3. When eating, be mindful of your manners, how you eat and handle your spoon.

4. Always watch her with respect.

5. Over hyping trying to fake everything about you. Ladies hate such.

6. Be who you are do not borrow just to entice her.

7. Respect your first date, do not go jumping on her body or touching her body.

8. Don’t ask for pictures unless she offers you.

9. When you are out with her, do not focus much on her phone.

10. Don’t brag about the money in your account or talk more about your wealth even when she didn’t even ask or care to know.

11.Keep your self neat.

12. Give some respect to her private life.

13.Don’t ask her the people she has dated before or how many guys she’s been with.

14. Always let her know when you’re not financially stable, to know if she can support any of the outings.

15. Always adore her whenever you’re on calls may be a friend wants to know your way about. Address her respect and nice compliment.

16. Delete the idea of bringing her to your house first at her first date. You both can meet in an open place.

17. Concentrate more on her even when you are on a date.

18. Don’t spoil her with to many gifts.

19. Always bring her in the front seat of your car. Even when with friends.

20. Forget everything about your past love experience.

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