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Love is a beautiful thing, says those who has been able to maintain a conducive and healthy relationship. Most people are still stuck in a very sophisticated and difficult part of the maze that leads to true love, majority don’t even understand how to love, none is to be blamed as love is not an algorithm which follows a set of instructions and protocols.

African dating

How about dating? Dating involves love or in other words it is inherent to love. Dating is a phase or stage in humans involving a Romantic relationship with the people involved meeting socially, possibly as friends or with the purpose of the both finding out the other’s suitability as an intending partner in a more committed acquaintance or marriage. Dating in Africa is sometimes referred to as courtship in recent times as it is a stage where each other has know each other better and bond in a more advanced level with the prospect of leading to marriage.

Most people don’t date only for marriage, in the more sinister sense, some date just to have a taste of the other which can be sometimes termed as a fling While some who are very reclusive or those with inferiority problems date just to feel among the crowd or break the obstacle of inferiority in that sense.

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