African Dating – All you need to know today

Now, enough of these explanations, we are all concerned with all you need to know about African dating or dating an African. Africa as we all know is a very populated continent with 54(+2) nations with a lot of cultures, societal attributes and personalities, dating an African does not generally have a prepared guideline in order to be maintain a successful relationship, it differs in many areas and avenues.

For example the idea of dating a man from northern Africa conjures up a lot of myths and fears like the image of the over-controlling man, this applies to African men who are Muslims while in areas like south Africa, Liberia, and modern Nigeria, the men aren’t depicted with such image but as one to be respected.

It is wise to admonish the importance of paying attention to the many different cultural and historical strands that constitute love, dating and/or courtship in Africa.

The mentality of social lifestyle might vary in different nations. The south Africans have a social lifestyle that can be likened with that of the Europeans; people meet each other on social media, neutral ground, schools, place of work, social gatherings and once acquaintance is made, it can lead to one thing that leads to dating, depending on the characteristic of the acquaintance.

In underdeveloped countries like Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and republic of Congo, dating is not overly pronounced because once a man has come off age, he is instantly assigned a partner sometimes without his knowledge, most times without having full information about his intending partner, Dating in these countries are below par and seen(most times) as unnecessary and redundant except in exceptional cases.

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