African Women: What not to do when you meet a new Man

There a certain things you not supposed to do when you meet a new Man. Most of the women are used to some nasty and crazy attitude which has always kept some guys in a state of penury. Some vowed not to relate or be sincere with women again. Just because of some bad attitude they exhibit in the name of been smart.

meet a new Man

African Women: What not to do when you meet a new Man –

Ladies please take note of these:

1. Always go along with you an extra or little token of money in case of necessity.

2. Don’t lie over your virginity or even degrade your age. Ladies are fund of that. Be sincere.

3. Always order for what you can eat whenever he takes you out. Be free and order for a little don’t go wasting his money.

4. Do not be too fast in asking to meet his Mother or Father. Only if he suggests.

5. Try and be polite and friendly especially to him and his friends.

6. Don’t talk to him about your body count or guys you’ve slept with.

7. Always be real with your language if you speak local language, go ahead with it.

8. Do not see your self as the land lady of the house just because of your first affair with him.

9. Answer your friends call whey you on a date without describe him in a derogatory manner. Example: I’m with that guy who has a big head.

10. Your personal belongings should be kept clean when in his house.

11. Always inform him if he wants your friends around with you when ever he invited you.

12. Do not visit his house uninvited.

13. Be mindful on how you ask him about money.

14. Keep mute over your ex or talk about your ex, it is irrelevant believe me.

15. Always drink responsibly when you are with him.

16. Don’t put on a half naked clothes just to get him entice during the first date.

17.Always asking him to pay all your bills or your family problems.

18. Give it time don’t be to fast to settling down with him.

19. Always be real and stop going after money or trying to know all about his wealth.

20. Do not be a social media freak by going around posting his picture.

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