Checkout these 8 ways to Avoid losing your Lover

You know you love your spouse and you are scared of losing her.
Then below are the 8 rules that can guide you on protecting that love forever. It will help you to avoid losing your lover.

Avoid losing your Lover

Checkout these 8 ways to Avoid losing your Lover –


Sometimes ego destroys relationship, or having the mindset of master of all things. You don’t take what she says or her own advice, what you say is what must stand… Then I bet you, you are gradually using your hand to spoil your relationship. Ego and pride should not exist.Give her the right to suggest a


Do you know that you can put down your experience..your breakups attitudes that causes such and they ladies you have been with. Putting down your experience helps you to remember and recite back your mistakes and how to adjust in this new one.


Develop that close and good communication. Make sure that there is an open love and also be free to share each other problem. Always make if a one on one affairs. Good communication with her makes love grow stronger. But if you give her that long distance, you don’t call or care to ask after her then your loosing her to someone else. Always plan to communicate with your woman it turns them on alot. Do this to avoid losing your lover.

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