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Love is a globally popular word and is a characteristic of many entities but yet, many have found it difficult to actually understand it, love is likened to a condensed body of smoke; You can see but cannot hold.

What I mean by this is that love is surreal, in the sense that we can see, feel but cannot hold but to achieve a sense of proper handling, we can only contain, control or harness it into whatever and wherever we want it to take us, mostly companionship or marriage.

Love and Marriage

Many mistake love to be a feeling of attraction but it is not, at least not totally, it is far more than that. Love has different categories, sub categories, transitional phases, types and so on. Love could be Agape, Erotic or unconditional, but we aren’t concerned about this, I rather categorize love as passionate and compassionate.

Love has been described by psychologists and writers as a decision, a choice or actions. According to social psychology, love is a combination of emotions, cognition and behaviors.

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