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To understand what love is better, let’s look at real life as opposed to the fairy tale.

Many of us has in one way or the other develops or has developed feelings for someone and described their version of nurturing such feelings for another as “falling in love”.

Some feel an attractive sense of affection towards another, which in turn makes us worthy to feel all heady about the person and deem him/her as that ” perfect” somebody whom you feel fits in all spheres of the bloomy and desired aspects of your life.

We use emphasis, all in the name of love, to decorate such person and indulge him/her in our our passion pool, the feeling is cosmic and the moment is adorned with glitters and so to us “we are in love”.

This is a very unrealistic kind of love as it doesn’t satisfy permanent emotional state theory, why? Time as a factor acts on such feeling and then, we are ask ourselves these questions;
-Do I really love him/her?
– How could I have loved someone I just met
-Is this really love?

These questions are as a result of the loss or shrinkage of the light from initial vibe and heady feeling one had towards the other. This love is termed ” passionate”. It is fairly tale like, unrealistic, emotional and affectionate but does not guarantee on the permanence or Long term basis.

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