Love and Marriage – Find Love That Can Lead To Marriage

Love and Marriage

Love that can lead to marriage is one that is long lasting, that is not necessary affected with time and change factors, such love is the conducive and convenient love and it is described as “compassionate love”. Compassionate love is described as love that is based on friendship, mutual attraction, shared interests, respect and concern for one another’s welfare.

It may not seem as exciting as passionate love but it is a crucial aspect of a satisfying and lasting relationship. Compassionate love is one that gives you a one way and direct ticket to marriage, not just any type of marriage but a marriage that is characterized with standard in terms of togetherness, bonding and mutuality.

Compassionate love is based on a better understanding of ourselves and our partner. Since many of us mistakenly equate only romantic feelings or passionate love with love; in long-term relationships like marriage we may begin to wonder what happened to our heady feelings of love.

Living together involves doing numerous house-hold chores, paying bills, finishing to do lists, going to work. None of these are particularly known to inspire feelings of romance or passionate love between people!

To enjoy compassionate love in marriage, we may need to get over our hurt and disappointment often brought about by unrealistic or inaccurate beliefs about love. Building intimacy in marriage may require planning our time and efforts.

Love is not an easy phase but it is a period where we use the full abilities of our mind and soul in order to make a once booming and affectionate feeling with no unrealistic kind whatsoever into a materialistic and long lasting relationship known as marriage.

Many people fall out of marriage because of so much problems, this can be associated with the initial stages before marriage characterized with the pairs inability to bond well, understand each other “Realistically” and share goals, rather it could be that the pair was into a passionate type of love before marriage.

This is very unhealthy as the heady feeling can wipe off anytime and it wouldn’t be as glossy as it used to be, so it is very wise and proper to deviate from passionate to compassionate in order to salvage a successful marriage as one needs to learn the other to live with them for the rest of their life

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