Shocking Places You Shouldn’t Touch on a Woman’s Body

My name is Marie, I write this article on behalf of AfricanDatingTips CEO, to inform the guys out there about some challenges they might have faced from a lady which they assume to be an emotional refrained attitude from there lover. There are several shocking places not to touch in a woman’s body.

Am married, blessed with a happy home and three kids. I know what my husband loves, I know how to bring him down to bed, but sometimes he doesn’t really understand when a lady needs privacy. It has really destroyed a lot of families because the man has refused to understand the wife.

Most often than not, we had issues and try to fix it, yeah I do…but am out here to tell the world and to my fellow ladies out there, especially the guys to be more respectful and value what a woman got.

We need to be ready for everything before we can accept or benefit.
Today I write to you guys on an eight essential parts in a woman’s body that needs to be respected and adore.

Shocking Places

Shocking Places You Shouldn’t Touch on a Woman’s Body

Most times, ladies don’t really like it when a man jumps immediately down stairs just to disturb the vagina. Ladies feel so embarrassed because it doesn’t show any respect at all. Why sometimes they get off your hand because it might not be shaved or not really in the mood. Every woman loves to appear smooth and clean. And most be in the mood before anything happens.


Guys should give some time to a woman’s nipple. It has time when is meant to be touched. when other things are going on with our body. Avoid nipple pinching when we’re breastfeeding or about to have our periods. It just hurts.


The stomach is a very delicate part in a woman’s body. We really want to have a flat tummy, but it’s nearly impossible most times, particularly after we just ate a cheeseburger with sweet potato French fries and had a beer or during a premenstrual bloat. Jumping on top a woman’s Tommy when she ate or heavy makes her more uncomfortable.


Hey guys, if touching that face is not for romance, please keep off. when we’re oily or have a pimple. If you don’t know when this is because men seem to generally be blind to these sorts of things, tell your woman you think she looks so pretty.

If she acts surprised and mentions something about her skin not being right or sort of looks away to hide her face, this may be a good time to avoid face touching. Just try and get her some face cleanser I think that’s the best for now.
Gals don’t like it when you force in to them.


I still don’t know how you can force in your long finger without a lubricant. One question will help you understand: How do you think it would feel to force a rusted bearing without a grease, it only causes wounds and damage.


After we just spent hours at the salon to fix a very expensive hair, most guys don’t know how to admire or look, some just prefer pushing you to bed without even minding how painful our new hair was.


Give us privacy when we feel hot, especially during a work out time, we ladies deserve to rest because no lady needs bouncing on after a long work out or stress.
Sweat pissed us off, or even seeing a man sweating profusely please don’t even come close.


So many Will be surprised about this aspect but it is our body and we understand it more than you guys. when it hasn’t been shaved and we’ve been meaning to shave but just didn’t get around to it. We want to be smooth, but now you’ve gone and realized we are prickly and lazy, making us feel instantly unattractive..unless the hairy type and you love it hairy too.

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