South African Men: 5 Little things women fall for easily

This one is for the smart men out there. There are little things women fall for. You might not believe them, but it works so well.

If you’re not a sharp guy, you can’t win her. Or may be you as a guy you’re confused on how that guy flirts around with different gals all the time.

You think is a magic? It’s called skills, when you got the skill, you have gotten the keys. Then you see gals flowing around you. I have to expose those skills because here, we make things easy and reachable.

There are things that majority of gals love in a guy. Apart from money, so many other things that can make her love you unconditionally.

women fall for

South African Men: 5 Little things women fall for easily –

Soft talking guys are always seen as soft boys, “slow poison”as they are popularly called. Nothing seems sweet when a guy’s has a slow and sweet talking accent. If you can speak fluently and nice, and while talking to a lady you appear smart and speak calmly it turns some ladies off.


If you are that type that always make people laugh, even when you not around you will be needed. The ability to make people laugh is a rare quality, so this makes the few who can pull it off seem very special, ever wondered why comedians have beautiful women in their lives. women love to laugh; just be comedian nothing stops them from coming close to you.

Even when you angry you joke it off. That type of guy that always bring smile and laughter to than boring face. Making any place you enter to be Lively and fun.


You think frowning your face can fetch you friends?
I so much doubt even, looking menacing while you scare people away. Some even address you as a killer. Smiling can not just get you close to gals but can even make way for you at some difficult stages.

Ladies wants to be with that person who is always happy, that one who hardly go angry no matter how hard you try to. Women fall for this, keep trying it.


Women also find a good-looking man very attractive, in fact, how good or bad you look as a man can go a long way in affecting what impression you leave on a woman, from your skin to your teeth, nails, the dress sense how classic you appear.

Your dress code some well starched and ironed well. They might compliment you by calling you “fresh guy”, “sweet boy”.
Do not underestimate it, they are crushing on you.


One of the major things loved by ladies is guy who smells nice, some scents that comes from a perfume weakens a woman emotional life based on research.

Some will like to come close to you because your comfortable to be with while some even like to know the name of the deodorant you are using. apply a nice deodorant and look sweet, a nice banana flavor will even push some gals to lick you raw.

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