Learn how to Understand the African Men

Learn how to Understand the African Men – African men in general have a common trait in which they exhibit without any rethink. They go about these things as though they are normal. You can make your African man whom you have been dating for long, stay with you happily for ever by just understanding him.

African Men are the simplest specie I’ve ever handled in my life. No man is difficult, ignorance is what makes it difficult. If you want men to fall in love with you and your fiance/husband to treat you like the greatest treasure on earth, you must understand what makes a man a man, the right buttons to click and how to enjoy a sweet, blissful, heaven on earth marriage with him!

African Men


They are passionate about and that is his work. A man must succeed. Not making progress in life is like being impotent, he feels castrated! You must understand this and give him space to succeed. This requires time, efforts, focus, sleepless nights.

To demand he spend all his waking hours watching romantic movie with you is to turn him to a perpetual failure! Idle ladies who have nothing sensible doing with their lives except disturb their fiance at work per minute, per second to fill their empty life are a big turn off!


He needs it to be the head of his home and succeed. You must distinguish between ego and pride. A man with a healthy ego will listen to you but firmly and lovingly let you know his final decision. A man with pride won’t listen to you at all, snob you and treat you like trash!

A man with a healthy ego is not a dummy! Some women expect their men to take all their advice and follow all their instruction, that’s not possible! He can’t take everything. He will take the ones that makes sense and put aside the ones that will land you in trouble.
He is the head. You can’t force your ideas on him, you can only advise, the final decision lies in his hand, shikennah!

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